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Hamilton HSA Executive Board

  Catherine Courtney, Spring Fundraiser Chair

  Jenelle Wise, Co-President

  Sheila Berard, Co-President

  Mara and Brian Trager, 1st Vice President

  Liz Sonzogni, 1st Vice President

  Maria Kaplan, 2nd Vice President

  marta Kubasek, 2nd Vice President

  Kama Rouhana, 2nd Vice President

  Teran Chartier, 3rd Vice President

  Christine Dorfler, 3rd Vice President

  Melynda Caswell, Co-Treasurer

  Tomoyo Miura, Co-Treasurer

  Heather Olenick, Communications Vice President

  Priya Malhotra, Secretary

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Mrs. Silver Collection

Mr. Andre Collection

Mabels Labels

Hamilton Magnet

Hamilton Commemorative Brick

Mabel’s Labels are personalized, peel & stick labels that safely go in the laundry, dishwasher and microwave. They’re perfect for your kids’ stuff – from shoes & clothes to water bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks and more! To support Hamilton’s Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser, Click Here.


Order lunches here.

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Hamilton Helping Hands


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