Alexander Hamilton Elementary School HSA General Meeting, January 21, 2021

January 21, 2021   7:00pm, Virtual via Zoom – Jenelle Wise and Valerie Merlin, Presiding

HSA Attendance:    Jenelle Wise, Valerie Merlin, Heather Olenick, Jyoti Israni, Anne Castro, Jee Kelly, Jyoti Israni, Nancy Chapman, Kathy Scala 

Opening Remarks:

Welcome to Bryon Torsiello, the Hamilton liaison on the Board of Education. 

Approval of last meeting’s minutes by Jyoti and Heather 


Dr. Charleston Update

  • Board of Education to approve district calendar on Monday January 25.  Considering starting school before labor day in Sept. 2021.  If the start date is after labor day it would be Friday September 10th due to Rosh Hashanah.  Per Dr. Charleston, the earlier start matches other districts.   
  • Board of Education & Town Council meeting will be soon.  Items on the agenda include sharing of services and improving communications.  
  • Glen Rock Budget is in good shape, tentative capital project for Hamilton which will be announced at a later date. 
  • Kindergarten registration is ongoing.  
  • Regarding Quarantine for staff - many people have questioned why teachers are not teaching if they are quarantined.  Dr. Charleston asked that parents be cognizant that teachers may have personal situations at home that will not allow them to teach while in quarantine such as elderly parents in the home.  They also may be symptomatic and as such need the time to recuperate. 
  • Right now High School and Middle School are currently closed for two weeks but he expects to keep the elementary schools open. 
  • Bryon Torsiello: Glen Rock did a great job handling a difficult situation.  


Learning Landscape Presentation:

  • Original Idea was to create a non-traditional outdoor space to both learn and play creatively 
  • Learning Landscape is helping with the design only.  
  • Mrs. Pierides met with Buildings and Grounds to confirm we meeting all the right parameters
  • Ryan Mulkeen - most of the elements can be worked on as a community, we should not need to outsource.  


Principal's report:

  • Compared to other districts, Glen Rock has been able to stay open more.
  • Kindergarten registration is still ongoing. 
  • 5th Graders friendship grams fundraiser has started.  This will help raise money for such items as the 5th grade yearbook and t-shirts. 
  • Mrs. Pierides recently sent an email to all parents with reminders about guidelines for students to try and limit exposure.  
  • Mrs. Pierides met with Mr. and Mrs. Nuckley about the upcoming virtual Science Fair on February 23rd.  There will be a Science Week to help build up excitement for the event.  There will also be a virtual assembly on February 11th.  
  • Wacky Wednesdays will start up again next week. 


Treasurer’s report – Jyoti Israni and Jee Kelly 

  • Review of the budget.  We are well within budget on both income and expenses  
  • Many new events this year such as the Pumpkin Walk and the Holiday Lights fundraisers were so successful they may become annual events.  


Communications update – Nancy Chapman

  • Sunday emails are back after the holiday.  


Class parent update - Kathy Scala

  • No recent Class Parent emails
  • Will see if extra communication is needed for any upcoming fundraisers.  


Fundraising update - Anne Castro 

  • Looking for a way to replace the spring fundraiser with something more casual.  


Federated update/Book Fair – Heather Olenick

  • Next meeting next Thursday at 7pm, zoom will be posted 


Upcoming events

  • Snow tubing Friday 1/22
  • DIY Pizza Wednesday 1/27 
  • Federated HSA Meeting Thursday 1/28 
  • Presidents Day Recess: No school Monday 2/15 and Tuesday 2/16 



Motion to close approved by Anne and Jyoti


Respectfully Submitted,


Kathleen Scala 

Hamilton HSA Secretary