Alexander Hamilton Elementary School HSA General Meeting, November 18, 2021 November 18, 2021 7:00pm, Virtual via Zoom – Valerie Merlin and Jyoti Israni, Presiding 

HSA Attendance: Valerie Merlin, Jyoti Israni, Heather Olenick, Anne Castro, Jee Kelly, Andrea Ceres, Kathy Scala, Christina Chatlos, Jenelle Wise, Liliya Nissen, Nancy Chapman , Anna Movsesian


Dr. Charleston Update

  •   Communication will be sent to all families regarding the Vaccine Clinic taking place at Hamilton School Gym on 12/21 at 3:30 to 8:30pm.  There will be 200 doses of the vaccine available.  
  •   Travel Guidance has been updated:  1 PCR test for unvaccinated students.  
  •   Regarding Inclement Weather: Cannot do virtual schooling for inclement weather unless the governor gives the ok. 
  • Masks: If the governor updates the guidance for masking Glen Rock will update their policy. 
  • Kindergarten Registration will be in February 
  • Hamilton School Addition: Meeting in December with the architect.  The plan is for 4 more classrooms with updates to staff rooms.  
  • Health Curriculum to be updated in the schools

Principal's report: 

  •   Welcome to all! 
  •   Met with a designer today regarding updates to the staff rooms 
  •   Parent teacher conferences being held on 12/8 and 12/9. Note that as there are conferences then no comments will be on the report cards.  
  •   Any parent volunteers coming to the school will need to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test.  Nurse will be sending a reminder that if children are sent home with 2 symptoms then a negative covid test will be required to come back to the school
  •   No Holiday Sing Along this year but Spring events are being added to the calendar.  
  •   HSA has been providing teachers with their wish list items (i.e. recess equipment).   
  • The 5th Grade community service project has started, boxes will be out in the lobby to collect presents and 5th Graders will go around to remind each of the classes.  
  • No Holiday parties but likely Valentines Day parties could happen.  
  •   Hamilton School Goal: To reconnect and rebuild our school community through school-wide socio-emotional activities that focus on building teamwork skills, instilling a sense of belonging for all and nurturing students’ joy for learning in a safe and caring environment.

President’s Update - Jyoti Israni, Valerie Merlin,

Recap of most recent events: Progessive dinner, HSA food days, Walk to School day, All School Play Dates, Circus Week, Great Pumpkin Walk, Parent Basketball 

Treasurer’s report – Jee Kelly/Andrea Ceres 

  •   Review of the budget for this school year 
  •   Doing well  due to the success of pizza day, book fair and parent basketball 
  •   Still slightly shy of our HSA membership goals 
  • Reminder to go in the weekly email that the HSA is eligible for a charitable contribution 


Discovery Zone - Jenelle Wise/Valerie Merlin 

  • 1st phase to be completed before the end of the year  

Fundraising update - Anne Castro/ Christina Chatlos 

  • Sweat and Sip Fundraiser this week 
  • Considering an ornament fundraiser for the holidays 

Communications update - Nancy Chapman 

  • See note above regarding adding the Charitable Contribution information to the weekly blast
  • To be included this week’s email blast: mobile arc information, clothing drive this weekend, December ½ days for conferences and Holiday Shop to Dine and Donate on 12/2 - 12/10

Volunteers update - Liliya Nissen/Anna Movsesian 

  • Extended thanks to the chair of the after school play dates
  • More activities coming in the spring

Federated update – Heather Olenick

  • Mobil Arc district wide directory released in October.  To download the app need to use the email send out 

Class parent update - Kathy Scala 

  • Emails to be sent regarding end of year activities, specifically Staff Gift Collection as well as the Parking Spot Auction 

Upcoming events 

  • Teachers and Staff Gift Collection through 12/11 
  • Parking Spot Auction through 11/23
  • Sweat & Sip 11/19
  • Clothing Drive 11/21 at 3 Romary Court 10am - 4pm
  • Shop & Dine to Donate Week 12/2 to 12/10 
  • Hamilton Holiday Shop 12/3 
  • Hamilton Holiday Lights 12/11 


New business: 



Motion to close approved by Christina and Jyoti 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Kathleen Scala 

Hamilton HSA Secretary

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