The purpose of the HSA is to raise money to help enrich the learning experience for our children.  Funds raised by the HSA are used to purchase items for the school that are outside the school’s budget such as books for the classrooms,  technology, playground equipment, special assemblies, and far more. The HSA is pleased to have purchased the following for its students and faculty:   

  • outdoor classroom paver floor 
  • portable sound system 
  • speaker stands 
  • library mural, rugs, magazine racks and books 
  • music room risers, cabinet, stands and supplies 
  • art room shelving, drying rack, safety mat and supplies
  • stage sound board and microphones 
  • stage padding 
  • camcorder for Hamilton Newscast 
  • folding tables 
  • monthly water delivery 
  • two microwaves
  • swing set
  • raised vegetable bed
  • murals on gym, art and library doors

There are many ways to get involved at Hamilton, whether you’re working, have young children at home, or are in a season of life that you have more time to give. It’s not about how much you do – everyone’s contribution helps. So whether you have a couple of hours to share or you are ready to take on a

committee; whether you just want to get your feet wet or wish to dive right in . . . join us! Getting involved is a wonderful way to show your child you care about school and want to help make his/her experience the best it can be. You can also show your school support by paying membership dues in September to join the H.S.A. Each H.S.A. member will receive the district-wide student directory. The dues go to help defray the cost of our new paperless website and help fund programming all year long.


Please come to the monthly H.S.A. meetings held in the school Media Center. The times alternate between day and evening meetings, but the location remains the same. It’s a great way to keep tabs on everything going on at school, and

it’s the perfect time to give your input. Please come!

Here are some helpful H.S.A. email addresses and websites!